Landscape Management

There are many factors that contribute to a safe, healthy, cost-effective landscape. We identify and address important details that often go unnoticed.

Safety Evaluations
We identify issues that may pose safety problems such as low hanging branches, certain types of toxic or thorny plants, inadequate lighting, and trip hazards. By ensuring that each hazard is properly resolved, we can help reduce your liability.

Irrigation Management
Could your community be wasting water? Your systems may be irrigating with a consistent quantity at the same times every day. The challenge is that soil moisture depends on the amount of water that evaporates and how much is actually absorbed. This varies depending on temperature, humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, soil type, and slope. So, how do you get it right? Our irrigation experts will manage your system's water usage, irrigating only the amount that each landscape requires.

Soil Analysis and Preparation
The most beautiful design and efficient planning will go to waste if plants are installed in a poor soil environment. Our expert horticulturists will test your soil and provide recommendations for the correct choice of plants, fertilizers, irrigation, and drainage systems. Your investment in soil preparation will more than pay for itself through excellent plant health, lower water requirements, and increased plant resistance to disease, insects, and other environmental stresses.

Why Mosaic?

No Surprises

With decades of experience in landscape management, we excel at accurately determining which products and solutions our clients need right from the start. This results in straightforward contracts and stable budgets.

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