Landscape Strategy

A well thought-out approach is the first step in facilitating the long-term health of your landscape. It also plays a major role in minimizing costs and potential problems.

Landscape Plans
Too often, landscapes decline because of incorrect plant choices and inadequate soil preparation. We will review your existing landscape plans and specify appropriate solutions to ensure that turf, trees, and shrubs remain healthy and thrive well into the future.

Maintenance Specifications
Have you ever wondered if you are spending too much on landscaping? We will analyze your current specifications and identify any mismanaged, unnecessary, or excessive services. Depending on your particular circumstances, we may recommend ways to spend less on pesticides, fertilizer, mulch, irrigation, and plant replacements. We then fine-tune or re-write specifications to create a better and more cost-effective maintenance strategy.

Why Mosaic?


To facilitate seamless communication and efficiency, we carry multi-media cell phones and PDAs. Using high-resolution digital cameras, we photograph field work and immediately send these images to one another as needed. Our proprietary software enables us to quickly and accurately process photos along with the data we gather and deliver it to you in user-friendly reports.