Welcome to Mosaic Consulting Inc.

We are integrated landscape management solutions provider providing a wide range of landscape solutions including design, planning, budgeting, research, execution, vendor / materials procurement, management of attractive, creative and sustainable green environments.

Our knowledge and experience of natural and built landscapes as a living and essential part of our modern existence can be encapsulated in three words: Respect, Responsibility and Stewardship.

Working with people and plants is both a privilege and a delight that Mosaic Consulting represents from the maintenance of a single flower to the management of a first class resort.


What We Do

Contractor Compliance
Contractor Vetting
Cost Estimating & Project Engineering
Design & Rehabilitation
Fire Prevention - Fuel Modification / Defensible Space Compliance & Planning
Irrigation Control System Retrofitting
Irrigation Management, Auditing, Usage Evaluations & Horticultural Practices
Site Asset Management, Inventory & Mapping
Site Evaluations to Determine Quality, Efficiencies & Long Term Viability
Soil & Fertility Programs
Specification Creation
Tree Population Management, Inventory & Mapping
View Preservation Management Programs and Compliance

About Us

Planning for Change

Today’s landscape is changing rapidly as more of our Clients are talking our language in looking for more sustainable designs and better resource management. These fundamentals are central to who we are at Mosaic Consulting Inc. because our business has always been green. It is a real pleasure and honor to be leading a dynamic company in such interesting times when the focus on our environment and use of natural resources has never been greater.

World Class Service

Overseeing the growth and operations of Mosaic Consulting Inc. in the fast paced growth and development that we have seen in Southern California over the past 20 years means there have been allot of expectations and achievements in a very short period of time. We're proud to introduce and invite you to take a look at the selection of our major project achievements including some insight into where we are heading as we expand regional operations. From our office in Rancho Santa Margarita we are now focusing more than ever on provide a Fully Integrated Offering of Quality landscaping, irrigation and tree population management along with ensuring cost effective procurement of materials and services all while enhancing and protecting property values. One of the most critical issues on the minds of CEO’s today is the success of unleashing their business value chains be aligning corporate strategic objectives beyond their geographical borders and developing a globally transportable business model that enables collaborative integration and harnessing the cost efficiencies of a well-tuned supply chain and best management practices. Mosaic Consulting Inc. is working hard to be truly world class company and we welcome your interest, inquiries and business.

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23141 Arroyo Vista Street Suite 210
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