Gift Policy No gifts of any kind, offered by vendors, suppliers, customers, potential vendors or any other individual or organization, no matter the value, will be accepted by any Mosaic employee, at any time, on or off the work premises. By “gift,” we mean any item including pens, hats, t-shirts, mugs, calendars, bags, key chains, portfolios, and other tschotskes as well as items of greater value. Our no-gift policy includes vendor or potential vendor or supplier-provided food, beverages, meals, or entertainment such as sporting events. Our policy extends to any business courtesy offered such as a product discount or any other benefit. Communication Policy Mosaic Consulting Inc. understands the importance of effective and timely communication, our goal is to always keep partners in the loop. With that we promise to provide timely responses as follows: • Emergency Service Text / SMS – Within an hour, 24/7 / 365 • Standard Service Text / SMS – As soon as practical • E-Mail – Within the business day. • Phone Calls – Will be answered immediately unless we are with a client. • Voice Mails – Will be returned the same business day. • All observation reports will be distributed within (7) days of inspection.